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Topic: Chandelier Types

The elegant beauty and charm of a chandelier fill the room with positive vibes. There are a lot of decorative accessories available in the market but nothing can beat the beauty of the chandelier. Most of the time it’s noticed that chandeliers are used for decoration in the dining room but that’s not true. You can hang a chandelier in any room in your house, whether it be the living room or bedroom, the lighting effect can lighten up that space. 

One of the most important aspects while buying chandeliers is that they are available in a vast variety of colors, designs, and styles. It becomes difficult to take your eyes off those beautiful hanging chandeliers but it also provides you the opportunity to choose the best product according to modern trends, and your taste and style. 

In some cultures, it’s also believed that the chandelier symbolized wealth and power. Even some of the historical findings prove that chandeliers were also there at that time but most of them were in palaces. Nowadays anyone can buy an elegant and classy chandelier for their house to give it an aesthetic and graceful look. 

Some Amazing Chandelier Types


Chandelier Types

Crystal chandelier is never going to be out of style. The design, bulb arrangements, and decorative theme of the crystal chandelier are well-known among hundreds of people. The hanging feature with crystal décor is enough to win anyone’s heart. Crystal chandeliers are well fitted with any of the room themes and you can hang them anywhere in the House to show your excellent taste and style. Crystal is one of the elements that always maintains it because even in extreme conditions, the same goes with chandeliers made of crystal, they are versatile. 


Chandelier Types

One of the main specialties of glass chandeliers is that they are available in a lot of style and design and you can definitely find the best Chandelier to hang at any place inside your house. You don’t need to worry about the theme of the house because it fits with most of the décor and sets the encouraging vibes in the surrounding. 

Modern Chandelier Types

Chandelier Types

Modern chandeliers are well known for their geometrical abstract style and fill the room with futuristic vibes. They are made with a combination of different shapes and styles, which definitely gives the vibes of the modern world and modern art. This chandelier is a good one to leave an impression with enhancing the elegance of your house. 

LED Chandelier Types

Chandelier Types

In addition to the modern look, LED chandeliers have a longer life duration than others. The most common problem that everyone faces while having a chandelier in their house is that their bulbs are damaged after a few months, but the LED chandelier has resolved this problem and you can enjoy the luminous light of your chandelier for a longer duration. 


Chandelier Types

With the light itself in the center of the cage design, these chandeliers make you feel attracted to modern architecture and design. They do not capture a lot of space and provide a stunning look to your house. These are small in size with a flavor of modernity, so you can install them anywhere. 


Chandelier Types

Candle chandeliers come with multiple layers of extension with each end with a candle at the ends. This is one the best classic styles of chandeliers and we’ll be known for its elegance.  They now even come with lamps so mix up its simplicity with a modern look. They show the rustic style and are well suited to any kind of dining room décor. 


Chandelier Types

Drum chandeliers are famous for their shapes. The drum shape and light all around there make it look perfect. They are not big in size and height, so you can place them anywhere in the house without any tension. They are easy to maintain and even economical in comparison with other chandeliers. 

Mini Chandelier Types

Chandelier Types

Mini chandeliers can be installed anywhere and in any household, even the small ones. As the name already suggested, they are smaller in size than the multiple layers ceiling chandelier. But the graceful look provided by these chandeliers could not be ignored. They are excellent for every room in your house. 

Transitional Chandelier

These chandeliers are a mixture of traditional and modern designs. Therefore, it can go with any kind of room theme and give an excellent look to your house. This can be installed anywhere in the house, even near the entryway and it still gives a combination of bucolic and futuristic vibes.  

Shaded Chandelier Types

Shaded chandelier provides an immense amount of light because of the bigger light they have inside it. The shaded design is enough to make you believe that you’re living in a different world with lots of enjoyment and prosperity. These chandeliers can be fitted anywhere and go with any room style. 

Sputnik Chandelier Types

From the center point a series of light branches extending in the Sputnik chandelier. It gracefully showcases the modern fashionable style with abstract art. Some of these chandeliers formed a symmetrical circle while others show different kinds of abstract design. Eventually, it’s enough to enhance the beauty of your household and your mind-blowing taste. 

Empire Chandelier Types

As the name suggests, it’s one of the chandeliers that show the traditional design. They are still famous for their conventional look and known for their shape. People with good taste in aesthetic and traditional design love to have it in their household. 

Waterfall Chandelier Types

Waterfall chandeliers come in a lot of variety, especially shapes. It showcases the design of a waterfall by dropping lights from top to bottom. The amount of light generated by this chandelier lightens up your household and the design will definitely win your heart.

Antler Chandelier Types


Antler chandeliers are quite famous for their country-style look. They give aesthetic and natural beauty to your household, especially if you place it in the living room. You don’t require a lot of space to install antler chandeliers and it definitely gives a rustic touch to your house. 

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People who are fond of Ornate design love the tiered Chandelier. They are made with multiple layers with a lot of lightning that makes them look spectacular. Although a tiered Chandelier requires a little more space than others, its beauty is worth the space they take. 

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Beads have a unique kind of glamour in themselves and when a Chandelier is made with those bright and wonderful beads, then it’s difficult to take your eyes off. Beads are available in many materials like wood, glass, etc., so you have a lot of options to choose from. It can easily go with any of the room décors without a second thought and makes your house look precise.  

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More impactful household:- Everyone wants that their house looks classy and grand and to leave a positive impact on visitors. But we always worry that it would take a lot of money and effort, well that’s not true. You can even give a transformative look to your house by hanging a chandelier. This can also lighten up a normal room and even become the center of attention and attraction of your household. 

Can go with any decorative theme:- Chandeliers are available in a vast range which provides plenty of opportunities to customers to choose the best product that easily goes with their room décor. You can easily give a customized look to your household by selecting the best Chandelier that absolutely fits your styles and taste. 

Create an optimistic environment:- Chandeliers also help in creating an optimistic environment in your household. It’s versatile and very functional and illuminates to lighten up your household with its lighting texture and beautiful design. Whenever anyone visits your home, they will definitely compliment the beauty of your house and your mind-blowing taste because of the chandelier in your house, and it always makes you happy and proud. 

Appreciating the value and classy style:- As already mentioned the chandelier also symbolizes many positive values, so many people have it in their home to appreciate those values. In addition to this, no décor can beat up the pleasant and classy vibes that the chandelier provides you. 

Where it can be installed

You can install a chandelier anywhere in your house while keeping a few of the things in mind. 

Size:- you can’t install a big chandelier in a small room because it would not look very sophisticated and doesn’t give the desired look to your home. Therefore it’s important to look at your home size and then decide where you want to install the chandelier. It could be anywhere but most people love to hang the chandelier in the dining room. 

Style:- it’s one of the most important factors, as the foremost function of the chandelier is to give a graceful look to your house. If the chandelier doesn’t go with the style of your room, it doesn’t look good and can be a waste of money. Therefore, it’s important to decide with which room décor the style of chandelier fitted well. Maybe it goes well with the living room rather than the dining room, so install it According to the style of your room. 

Height and location:- Obviously you’ll not install a chandelier too close to the walking foyer. So it becomes important to decide the height and position beforehand so that you don’t have to do a lot of effort. If the height of the living room or bedroom is greater than the dining room, you’ll definitely choose the greater height to install it, to avoid all kinds of potential accidents. 

Operation:- A chandelier requires multiple sockets of the switch because it produces a tremendous amount of light. If the switch is dimmer, then the Chandelier is not able to function properly, and again it could be of no use. Therefore it’s important to take care of these things before installing the chandelier. 


A chandelier is definitely going to enhance the beauty of your household while giving all kinds of positive vibes. It’s one of the long-term investments and yes you need to consider a lot of aspects before buying it. Therefore, we’ve tried to provide you with the best information that you can rely on while buying a chandelier to give an impact and classy look to your household. 

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